Parrot Festival Quaker Parrot Tour

Date: December 17th 2011

Join NPRPF for an Offsite Tour featuring
The Quaker Parrots
of San Leon

For the first time NPRPF Parrot Festival is offering an offsite trip from the Doubletree Hotel IAH. Monday January 23, 2012. 8 AM We plan to visit the small seaside community of San Leon. San Leon embraces the Quaker Parakeets and has made them the symbol their town. We will visit know nesting sites, have lunch at �The Green Parrot Bar and Grill�, tour Railean rum distillery, and a liquor store for �Quaker� rum. The trip is $50.00 per person and includes the trip, tour fees, and lunch. Be sure to bring your cameras.

See some pictures here.

For More Information.

As you walk into The Green Parrot a maze of painted docks cover an ocean floor
and the walls are plastered with seascape murals. Local artist Gary Holman, who�s responsible for wall art all over Clear Lake and Houston, painted the restaurant from
top to bottom. The wood flooring, painted to look like the ocean, was added during
the post-Hurricane Ike restoration process ― fitting,
given the establishment flooded with six feet of water during the hurricane.
Green Parrot Bar and Grill
Railene's humble distillery is located in a sleepy little town along the shores of Galveston Bay in San Leon, Texas. Once a stronghold for the swashbuckling pirate Jean Lafitte, today San Leon is a �small drinking community with a large fishing problem�. The area is also home to a thriving population of wild parrots called Monk Parakeets, which we have adopted as our official RAILEAN mascot.
Railean Distillery
Kelly will sign your bottles of rum.

To sign up for the trip, a trip registration form is attached.
Or download one.

Please complete and mail with your check to
Cheryl Rose;
PO Box 335;
Altair, Texas 77412
OR sign up on our website
We must have a minimum of 12 people.
As with most wildlife tours we can not guarantee that you will see live parrots, but the chances are pretty good.

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