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As a leader in parrot education and rehoming The National Parrot and Preservation Foundation (NPRPF) needs quality equipment to bring you the best educational presentations during their annual conference, Parrot Festival. Sometime in late August the storage unit where AV equipment was stored was burglarized and over $10,000.00 in equipment was stolen.

Will you please help NPRPF replace this equipment by making a tax deductible donation? 

Welcome to the National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation!


The NPRPF is a 501(c)3 organization. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re homing of our parrot friends. NPRPF helps others understand the value and the need for parrot rescue through education, the Parrot Festival, and other relevant sources.

Parrots are abandoned, lost, or displaced for various reasons and often the shock can cause unwanted behaviors. We work with each of the birds to curb these behaviors and to make them ready for adoption. We are always actively seeking homes for our parrots. To learn more on how you can bring home your next feathered friend, please visit our adoption pages.


No Bird Like George

A scarlet macaw named George was the first spokesbird for NPRPF. Originally from the wilds of the rainforest, he was shot down and left blinded in one eye with a crippled wing. After stays in several different homes, he went to live with Brenda and in 2000 he was offered the spot of spokesbird. He became world famous when featured in the August 2000 Bird Talk article by Chris Davis. George continued to make an impression on everyone he met, for his spirit shone deep in his eyes. One person even commented “I can see the rainforest in his face.” Sadly, George passed over the rainbow bridge in 2003 but he continues on in our hearts and is a core example of the love for our work. It is this impression we hope to make upon the world with our efforts at NPRPF.

​We make a difference!

NPRPF is a

501 (c) 3 organization

We are the Parrot Festival People. We make learning fun!

The Parrot Festival

For over 10 years, we have hosted the Parrot Festival, an event dedicated to education and love of parrots. This annual conference helps support the birds of NPRPF while also offering support to various other bird organizations and owners through seminars, speakers, and vendors. It is the main fundraising event for NPRPF. Held at the end of January in Houston, TX, it is a great opportunity to connect with fellow parrot enthusiasts while still having fun! It is often called the “Home of Parrot Lovers”. Interested to learn more?

Check out our information on the Parrot Festival.


Have Questions?

Have questions about our work? Want to learn more about the Parrot Festival? Feel free to contact us at 713-557-BIRD (2473) or by email. Make sure to like us on Facebook  and subscribe to our Youtube videos! We look forward to seeing you at the Foundation and the Parrot Festival.



Written by Hilary Cairns

NPRPF Contributes to Bird Bandit Reward Fund

NPRPF has donated $500 to the fund that has been set up to offer rewards to those with information that leads to the capture of the Houston Area Bird Bandits who have now struck local Houston bird stores 3 times, once at ABC Birds and twice at Adventures in Birds.  Our heart goes out to Jean Jordan, Jamie Whittaker, and those who have lost birds during this awful series of robberies.  Please contact the police or the bird stores if you have any information about those who committed this heartless crime.


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