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3 Main Sessions -

Specifically geared for beginner parrot owners and curious people looking to get into parrots


4 Microsessions -

hands on demonstrations on easing day to day care and improving your relationship with your parrot.


All activities guided by leading figures in aviculture from across the country

Parrots 101 is presented each year during the Parrot Festival Conference.  It is an entire day of lessons and activities for new parrot owners and those curious about becoming a parrot owner.

Parrots 101 is FREE to Parrot Festival Attendees.

If you new to birds or are curious to learn more but don't want to attend the entire Parrot Festival Conference you may register just to attend Parrots 101.

$50 per person for the entire day!

Students are FREE!


Saturday, January 25, 2020


Art Class 2015

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