Mega Raffle Extravaganza at the Party in Parrot-dise

Party in Parrot-dise: Mega-Raffle Extravaga! Friday Eventing at Parrot Festival 2018


So what is happening this year at the Party in Parrot-dise?

The Party in Parrot-dise is a fantastic chance to mingle and get reacquainted with parrot friends old and new. The festival committee always tries to provide a backdrop for the evening which fun and entertaining. For the the 2018 Festival we are rolling out the “Mega-Raffle Extravaganza!”

The “Mega-Raffle Extravaganza” is an elimination raffle, meaning that every number will be called before the evening is over and the final number wins. There are only 100 tickets available for $10 each. For only $10 you get a 1 in 100 chance to win prizes in excess of $1000 including a walk in Aviary provided by Centurion Cages.

As the evening begins, there will be food and drinks that people can enjoy while some music is played and we all get a chance to catch up with one another. Every 15 minutes, 13 names will be drawn. Those names are eliminated, and the party continues. The 25th, 50th, and 75th names win a consolation prize.

When only nine names remain, they will be invited on stage where the will have the chance to sell their tickets to the highest bidder. After bids are made, another ticket is drawn and the process continues until only two tickets are left. The remaining two contestants will have a final chance to decide to sell or hold their tickets and the final drawing will take place. The last ticket is the winner.

These elimination raffles are very entertaining and provide an evening of suspense and revelry. You can buy tickets when you register for Parrot Festival or at the Conference. We hope that you enjoy this year's Party in Parrot-dise.

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