January 24-26,2020


Lara Joseph



Dr. Jordan Gentry

What to Expect at a Vet Visit

Jan Marquardt & Nancy Marbach

Parrot Toy University


Matt Schmit

Pest Control


Buddy Waskey Ray Varella

Free Flight

Gary Morgan

What is a Bird Show


Dr. Greg Burkett


Madeline Franco

 12 Things I Can't Live Without

Dr. Sharman Hoppes

 Geriatic Birds


Robin Shewokis

Parrots 101: Getting Started with Parrots


Valentina Lynne and Tina Best

Parrot Rescue Center Of Costa Rica


Dr. Natalie Antinoff

When Should You Go to the Vet


Daniel Sigmon

Rambunctious Radiance: The Sun Conure in the Wild and as Pets


Dr. Bennett Henessey

Can the new Penthouse nestboxes help Armonia’s Bolivian Blue-throated Macaw project fledge a total of 100 Blue-throated Macaws into the wild for 2020?




Sun Conure NPRPF.png
Sun Conure NPRPF.png

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