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We are members of the American Federation of Aviculture.  We are also immersed in the local rescue societies like Houston Society of Prevention Cruelty to Animals. 

We Guarantee you will have fun and learn!

"What I like is that this is a group of people who not only know how to be serious, but also how to have fun. I think it is really one of the better conferences I attend every year."

Terry Timberlake

"The ability to meet all the different peole in the US, but also overseas as well. What they do, exchange stories, tricks of the trade, so to speak."

Matt Baird
Australian Aviculturist

"NPRPF is full of people who love parrots so they made me feel right at home to talk about them here. I had an absolutley wonderful time visiting with everybody. It is a great group and very fun."


Steve Duncan
President of ASA

"I learn something new every year. Better ways to take care of and make my parrot's life better. An also, of course, the commaraderie. It is always better to be around people that love parrots as much as you do." 

Mimi & Parrot Louie

“I was just enjoying Nyla Copp's presentation on "Get the Flock Out" and "Out on a Limb". How much it made me want to build an aviary that is full of all kinds of fun things for the birds. And make lots of toys with stuff I have around the house sitting in buckets and barrels. ”

Tina & Margie
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