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Parrot Rescue and              Adoptions

Parrot Relinquishment

Before considering relinquishing your feathered friend to NRPPF, we would like to offer our services to you should your relinquishment be due to a behavioral problem. We are all very experienced in avian behavior, environmental enrichment, and proper avian care. It is our hope that we can work with you so that your feathered friend might be able to remain in his/her home. Please understand that we are all volunteers and someone will be contacting you soon.

Are you ready to commit to a Parrot?

Before considering a new feathered companion, consider their lifespan. Parrots often outlive their humans companions. Are you committed to caring for them for their entire life?

NPRPF parrot lifespans (1).png

NPRPF Adoption Guidelines 

The following is a description of how our adoption process works.

  1. Submit a Signed Pre-Adoption Application

  2. Our Adoption Committee reviews your application and contacts you for the initial phone interview.

  3. A home visit* is required to see where our feathered friend would live. We work hard to match the feathered friend to your family. Steps 1-3 must be done prior to you meeting any of our feathered friends. 

  4. We require a minimum of three visits before any adoption is allowed to take place. 

  5.  If we deem that your home is a good forever home for feathered friends, then we will consider this as a possible adoption.

  6. The Rescue Committee comes together and determines if you and your family are the perfect home for our feathered friend and that he is perfect for you and your environment. 

  7. We do require an adoption fee. There are no set adoption fees as they are set case by case. Adoption fees are set without cages.   All birds undergo strict 30-day quarantine’s at the quarantine facility; a health exam, a CBC, a gram stain and we test every bird for Pacheo's and Psittacosis. Although it is case by case, there are times we deem it necessary to run more testing on a feathered friend to ensure his good health. 

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