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Join the Fun at

Parrot Festival


NPRPF presents Parrot Festival on the last full weekend of January every year.

Parrot Festival is a gathering of parrot enthusiasts for education and celebration of parrots.

Parrot Festival is on January 26 - 28,  2024

What happens at Parrot Festival?

Parrots on a Branch

Parrot Toy University

Jan Marquardt & Nancy Marbach lead this special session where they share with you their best tips and tricks born of years of experience making bird toys.


Come ready to learn!


They will provide all the supplies and you will leave with a new toy.

Lunch is included!

*Parrot Toy University is available as an add-on to your Parrot Festival Registration.   ($45)


Fantastic Vendors

The best parrot toys, cages, and supply vendors from around the country are available all three days of Parrot Festival.  National food brands and conservation organizations will also be present.



Parrot Enthusiasts

Enjoy meeting bird owners and enthusiasts locally and from around the globe. We guarantee you will learn something new and have lots of fun!


Parrots 101

An entire day of lessons and activities for new parrots owners and those curious about becoming a parrot owner.

FREE with Parrot Festival Registration.

If you're curious to learn more but don't want to attend the entire Conference you may register just for Parrots 101.

$50/person   |   FREE for Students


3 Main Sessions - Specifically for beginner parrot owners & those looking to get into parrots.

4 Micro-sessions - Hands on demonstrations on easing day to day care and improving your relationship with your parrot.

All activities guided by national  leading figures in aviculture.  



Daily Raffle.jpg

HUGE Daily Raffle

At the end of each day of Parrot Festival, an entire room of daily raffles are held giving attendees the chance to win a wide range of parrot related products.



Experts from Around the World!

At Parrot Festival, experts in all things parrot including: behaviorists, nutritionists, scientists, veterinarians, industry professionals, manufacturers, conservationists, and experienced parrot handlers of all sorts gather at parrot festival to present talks and share their knowledge with parrot owners.



During the Party in Parrot-dise


The “Mega-Raffle Extravaganza” is a reverse raffle, where players are eliminated as numbers are called & the final number wins . There are only 200 tickets available ($10 ea) For only $10 you get a 1 in 200 chance to win prizes in excess of $1000 AND a walk in Aviary provided by Centurion Cages.

When only 5 numbers remain, their holders will be invited on stage where they'll have a chance to sell their tickets to the highest bidder.  After bids are made another ticket is drawn & the process continues until only two tickets are left. The remaining two contestants will have a final chance to sell or hold their tickets & the final drawing will take place. Last ticket is the winner.


These reverse raffles are very entertaining and provide an evening of suspense and revelry.  You can buy tickets when you register for Parrot Festival, at the Conference or at the NPRPF Online Store. We hope you enjoy this year's Party in Parrot-dise!


You may attend the Party in Parrot-dise with the purchase of a Mega-Raffle ticket if you are not registered for the entire conference.


What People Are Saying:


"What I like is that this is a group of people who not only know how to be serious, but also how to have fun. I think it is really one of the better conferences I attend every year."

Terry Timberlake


"I learn something new every year. Better ways to take care of and make my parrot's life better. An also, of course, the commaraderie. It is always better to be around people that love parrots as much as you do." 

Mimi & Parrot Louie


"The ability to meet all the different people in the US, but also overseas as well. What they do, exchange stories, tricks of the trade,

so to speak."

Matt Baird

Australian Aviculturist


"I was just enjoying Nyla Copp's presentation on "Get the Flock Out" and "Out on a Limb". How much it made me want to build an aviary full of all kinds of fun things for the birds. And make lots of toys with stuff I have around the house sitting in buckets & barrels. ”

Tina & Margie



"NPRPF is full of people who love parrots so they made me feel right at home to talk about them here. I had an absolutley wonderful time visiting with everybody. It is a great group and very fun."

Steve Duncan

President of ASA

PF Location

Where is Parrot Festival held?

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport

15747 JFK Boulevard  Houston, Texas  77032 

USATEL: +1-281-848-4000   |  FAX: +1-281-590-8461


Why Book Doubletree?

Why Book Your Hotel Room With Doubletree?
NPRPF Parrot Festival is charged for the meeting space by the number of rooms that are booked for the conference. If not enough rooms are booked, the money that we have to spend on the meeting spaces that we use means that we cannot pay for vet services for a sick bird or buy food for the parrots in foster care or in the sanctuary.
It is just that simple.
Make Hotel Reservations Online Here

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